About Me

Hi, I am Zola and I have been a Muscular Therapist for 14 years now. The reason I became a Muscular Therapist is because I did not enjoy working in Corporate America. Besides, mostly everyone was miserable. I know I was not doing what I was called to do, sitting behind a desk.

The first time I put my hands on my massage partner it's as if a light switched on within me. Yes this is it! This is my calling.

I had found my niche.

Now for the past 14 years I have met the most wonderful, kind, generous, understanding people that have become my clients. Yes, I did still meet those "that did not fit" whether it is me or them, but I meet more that fit rather than those that do not. Diversity I believe is key to many things.  However, one of the mains things I have learned over the years about diversity is that, many people can present with similar pain, maybe sometime the same symptoms, yet because of the diversity of how people live their lives is cause for me to have a diverse way of thinking when working with ever client. No-one is the same!

So understand when you walk through the doors of A Touch of Hope you will be treated well and as the individual you are.